Month: August 2022

Homelessness Among Veterans

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact causes of homelessness because it is often complex, but you can kind of conceptualize it as individual level and system level factors.    Individual- Level Factors Mental Illness Substance Use Disorders Lack of Stable Income/Employment History of Incarceration Lack of Social Support Adverse…
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21 Program Guide

New seasons require new sacrifices. Unless you have served it is hard to say you understand what these heroes went through. Service-related injuries like burns, being stabbed, shot, explosions causing them physical pain. Then there is the emotional and psychological pain they suffer through having lost a brother or sister…
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VA Healthcare System

I spoke to a veteran at Fan Fest on 08.11.22 in Charlotte NC. A retired army guy of 25 years. I noticed his son had a shirt on that said ,”22 Veterans a day”- Suggesting that 22 veterans a day die of suicide. That is an alarming statistic! A soldier…
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22 Veteran’s Per Day

Rate of Suicide for Veterans is disgraceful. How can the US address the tragedy of veteran suicide? I am trying to understand how this has happened.  After losing a close friend to suicide this year my interest in this became more personal. Department of Veteran Affairs has taken the lead…
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