Here are some ways Healing Heroes has assisted our sponsored Heroes

With our 21-day Healing Heroes Program we can assist you in achieving your goals, getting back on track, and feeling motivated to live a purposeful life. We will walk with you every step of the way and create a supportive community behind you.

This all-encompassing guide will help you hit every target goal and maintain the disciplined focus it takes to achieve your goals. This program comes with a tracking calendar, daily check ins, and one on one care. We will customize a plan that meets your needs.

For our sponsored veterans we offer a food stipend, nutritional grocery list, and food preparation course.  Other resources will be offered to meet your individual needs.

We have partnered with gyms that apply military discounts, we cover 1 month of fitness instructor classes, and we partner with the VA to find a gym routine to meet your medical needs.

Canine support dogs are offered after you have successfully achieved the 21-day program.

21-Day Program Healing Heroes

21 Day Blood Pressure Reduction. (1)

Healing Heroes PTSD

EDNOS Healing Heroes

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